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A Letter From Dr. Scott Rimes

Richland High School focuses on student achievement and our highly qualified staff is committed to excellence. You may have read that Richland High School is a PBIS Model School and was recently recognized as a Distinguished Title 1 School.  We are proud of our student and faculty accomplishments. 

Richland's organizational vision is to create a standards based; student centered learning environment and collaborative culture, in which all students achieve growth each year.  We encourage our teachers and students to create high-level teaching and learning experiences that push the envelope and promote excellence. We truly believe in our students, school, community, and in what it means to be a RANGER! 

We work to provide our students with the very best educational experience possible.  It is our aim to prepare our students academically, socially, and physically, promoting life-long learning and community involvement, while making them college and career ready.  As a result of this focus, our students are making significant progress.  Richland's senior classes routinely earn millions of dollars in scholarship money and we have experienced a remarkable rise in our school's graduation rate.  Richland High students and teachers are regularly recognized for their achievements.

We understand we can't make significant progress without involvement from our community, parents, alumni, and stakeholders.  The success of our students depends on the active involvement of the entire school community. Richland is a wonderful school and we are very proud of the experiences we have to offer.  RHS welcomes your interest in our school and we encourage you to contact us by e-mail, phone, or swing by and visit if you have any questions. 

Best Regards,


Dr. Scott Rimes


Scott Rimes

Scott Rimes