A Letter From Marcus Stewart, Ed.S

Greetings from Ranger Nation,

Richland High School, the gem of Highway 49, is quickly becoming a flagship school in the state of Mississippi. This year, Richland High School will look to add to the distinguished Title I and PBIS Model School recognitions, thus continuing the vision of creating a standards-based, student centered learning environment. Over the past years, RHS has amassed numerous accomplishments while making positive strides in academic and athletic endeavors. Entering the 2020-21 school year, we find ourselves faced with the challenge of Covid-19. As we prepare for the unknown, the staff of Richland High School looks forward to the opportunity to redefine educational practices to meet the demands of the changing landscape.

Richland High School will enact enhanced safety and health-centered measures to ensure the campus is conducive to student learning. These measures will include increased cleaning and disinfecting of the facility, enhanced safety procedures, access to hand sanitizing stations and touchless bottle refilling stations, as well as a new system of controlled access to the school, which limits access to the school environment.

As a result of the pandemic, the administration of RHS has identified strategies to ensure students are provided continuous access to a quality education in an optimized setting. Due to the requirements set forth in the different SMART Restart Options, certain extracurricular activities will be disallowed. Although this is a difficult decision, the guidelines of the SMART Restart Plans ensure that the health of all students, the families’ health or the well-being of families take precedence. As conditions improve, RHS anticipates a full return to these activities in the future for all students.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented an opportunity to redefine educational practices to meet the needs of the students in all circumstances. Throughout the years, RHS has made tremendous strides in raising the school’s accountability to a Level “B” standing. For the 2020-21 school year, Richland High School will assume the responsibility of implementing the recommended learning options with fidelity and necessary rigor that promote student knowledge retention, which translates to student growth. During this time, we will adapt to meet the needs of our students as problems arise in the changing educational environment.

The administration of Richland High School has engaged in reflection on the past school year. We have examined the circumstances and the resulting actions of the various stakeholders. The end result is a unified effort among teachers, staff, and community stakeholders to utilize the existing technology as tools to complement the collaborative efforts of innovating the educational experience at Richland. Of course, these efforts will not come without complications, frustrations, and hesitation, and it is during those times that we will analyze the problems, research solutions, and overcome anything that comes our way, including Covid-19. The challenges we face now will allow for us to grow and learn together, making RHS the center of innovation and learning for our students.

B.E.S.T regards,

Marcus Stewart


Marcus Stewart

Marcus Stewart

Richland High School