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A Letter From Dr. Marcus Stewart

Greetings from Ranger Nation,

For the 21-22 school year, the faculty, staff, and students of Richland High School, also referred to as the illustrious Ranger Nation will be returning to the most beautiful campus in the area.  Due to the efforts of the Rankin County School District, RHS has undergone significant renovations and improvements.  A massive renovation project has resulted in the new RHS Performing Arts Center, a facility that allows for fine arts performances in addition to faculty gatherings.  The centerpiece of the campus is the state’s only fire academy. This building contains a bay area complete with locker units for the students to get experience in a state-of-the art facility. Other upgrades include: security perimeters with controlled access, cafeteria redesign and expansion, new agriculture building, as well as improvements to the existing classrooms. 

As I enter the second year as principal of Richland High School, I cannot help but reflect on the previous year. Although it was untraditional, the year provided many lessons that the administration learned from.  Last year I asserted that our efforts to have school will not come without complications and frustrations.  Throughout the year we attempted to be creative in our efforts to bring a sense of normalcy to Richland High. In some respects, we fell short of in our intentions. In other areas, we witnessed success in various regards.  However, we avoided shutting down as a result of the pandemic and managed to continue in-person learning for all of 20-21. 

Guided by the RCSD 21-22 SMART Restart Plan, we will return to in person learning complete with ambitious goals that will be guided by rigorous classroom instruction. We will work to foster student’s social emotional development. This is a proactive measure to address the many mental health repercussions that young students are expected to experience from the traumas of the past year. Richland High School will continue to enact enhanced safety and health-centered measures to ensure the campus is conducive to student learning. These measures will include increased cleaning and disinfecting of the school and all its facilities, enhanced safety procedures, access to hand sanitizing stations and touchless bottle refilling stations, as well as a new system of controlled access to the school, which limits access to the school environment.

Entering the 21-22 school year, the focus at RHS has shifted to addressing the deficits created by the untraditional school year that was 2020-21.  The ultimate goal for Richland High School is to work diligently to reach “A” status.  We will seek to strengthen and maintain the relationships within the school environment and between the families of our students, thus continuing the vision of creating a standards-based, student centered learning environment that takes into account multiple stakeholders with the ability to enhance the student experience. RHS will improve on its distinguished Title I designation. Through collaboration with stakeholders, we will improve our practices relative to PBIS. We will continue in our efforts to build greater partnerships with the city of Richland. Through these partnerships, the community can assist in the nurturing of the students in a holistic environment complete with in-school factors and between-school factors.  

I expect a great year at Richland High School. We are focused and ready to begin the journey to our “A” rating.

It’s our time! It’s our year! #R.I.S.E

B.E.S.T regards,

Marcus Stewart, Ed.D


Marcus Stewart

Marcus Stewart

Head Principal
Richland High School