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Congratulations to the 2019 RHS Homecoming Maids!

Seventh Grade Maids:

Eighth Grade Maids:

Mattie Tagert

Isabel Alvarado

Chrislee Mobley

Cierra Sheppard



Freshman Maids:

Sophomore Maids:

Alainah Alexander

Laila Anderson

Emily Bridges

Bayleigh Harris

Ciera Johnson

Sydney Ragsdale

Samaria Thompson

Ema Roland



Junior Maids:

Senior Maids:

Tamora Haymon

Emily Adams

Katie Beth Holmes

Breanna Cook

Tiara Jackson

Mosie Everett

Ariana McCoy

Chelsea Green


London Hobbs


Joely Miller


Jessica Moudy

2019-2020 Homecoming

Game On

Homecoming Floats:                  

Dress up days:

Seniors – Pac-Man                       

Monday – Space Day

Juniors – Candyland                     

Tuesday – Ten Years Later Day

Sophomores – Mario Kart             

Wednesday – Dynamic Duo Day

Freshmen – Clue                                   

Thursday – Meme Day

8th Grade – Minecraft                    

Friday – Spirit Day/Senior Toga Day

7th Grade – Monopoly



Homecoming Maid Information

To be on the ballot for election you must turn in a petition with 25 students signatures. Your parents will need to sign the petition also. Petitions must be turned in to the designated location by 8:00 AM on the due date. No late petitions will be accepted.

          Students must meet the following requirements to be eligible to be on the ballot:

1.   Students MUST have at least an 80 average overall.

2.   Students MUST NOT have had any out-of-school suspension and no more than one in-school suspension in the combined current and previous school year.

3.   Students MUST NOT have more than ten unexcused absences for the combined current and previous school year.

4.   Students MUST NOT Campaign for a position on the court or for queen (no posters, no candy, etc.). Social media campaigning is strongly discouraged.

Our goal is for this to be a positive experience for everyone.

2019 RHS Homecoming Float Rules

Float Requirements

·      Specific Float Requirements include:

o   The float must be built on a trailer no more that 30 feet in length.

o   The float can be no taller than 10 feet from the bed of the trailer.

o   The float must have some design and the group must actually build something.

o   There must be some type of structure on the trailer.  (Create a structure out of chicken wire, cardboard, etc.)

o   The float needs to have more than just words on skirting and people standing on the trailer.

o   Moving parts, sound, smoke, etc. may be used.

o   Encourage all of your members to dress in the theme and walk in front and behind your float.

o   The float must follow the theme.

o   Don’t let these requirements hinder your creativity.  If you have an idea, ask if it will work. All exceptions to these rules should be approved by the Homecoming  Committee.

o  Exercise caution when tossing candy to children to avoid accidents.

·      The theme is: GAME ON

·      The float formation will be same as last year we will start at the new gym.

·       For judging, floats must be complete and in line by 5:00 the day of the parade.  Judging will take place before and during the parade. Judges will be positioned somewhere along the parade route at undisclosed locations.  Winners will be announced during the homecoming presentation Friday night

·       Judges’ decisions will be based on the following criteria:

      1. Theme presentation

      2. Originality

      3. Construction

Floats will be parked over night on the football field. Floats must be picked up no later than 1:00 Saturday afternoon.

2019 RHS Homecoming


Homecoming Maids,

Congratulations, this is a very exciting time in your life. I know you have a lot of questions. I hope this letter will answer some of them. Please feel free to come by my room or email me with any additional questions Homecoming will be at halftime this year.

Please sign up for 2019 RHS Homecoming Remind to receive important information.

Text 81010 with the code @bk96H79.


You will need a formal gown (no low cuts or see through). Escorts need to wear a dark suit or tux. Tuxedo Junction at Flowood has given us a great price to rent a tuxedo for $69.55. Please give me your escort’s name so I can forward it to Tuxedo Junction by September 6th. Phone number for Tuxedo Junction 601-992-4955. You must order your tuxedo by September 19th.


Information sheet:

Information sheet, with escort names, must be turned in to me, by September 13. Make them short and sweet. Remember this is a formal affair. Please let me know if you need help.



The parade will be Thursday, October 3th at 6:00. You must be in your car and in line, no later than 5:15. We will line up at the new gym. Dress for the parade will be dress or semi-formal. Cheerleaders and dancers may wear their uniforms.

During the parade you must ride in a car. You need to make two signs for your car with your name and what class you are representing. Mrs. Craft’s business class makes beautiful signs for only $25. You may throw candy during the parade, if you wish. If you have a problem finding a car for Thursday night (parade) let me know. At this point, I do not know if we will be able to ride on the football field Thursday night due to weather and construction.


Football Escort:

Football players will help escort you on the field Thursday night. Please ask a football player in your class to escort you. Players should wear khaki pants (no shorts) and their football jersey. Please give me the football player’s name by September 13th.



We will have homecoming practice October 2nd or 3rd. Details will be given the week of homecoming. Escorts do not have to be at practice! Please bring the shoes you will be wearing the night of homecoming, it is very different walking on a football field!



Pictures for the paper will be taken Thursday, September 19 at 7:10AM. DO NOT BE LATE! Please do not forget, dress nice, you are representing your school. A dress would be great (no jeans). Pictures will start about 5:00 Friday afternoon, more information to come.


Mother/daughter breakfast :

The mother/daughter breakfast will be Friday October 4 at First Baptist Church Richland at 7:00 AM.


Thank You,

Mrs. Housley

Homecoming 2019

Maid Information Sheet


Name___________________________________ Grade____

Football escort_______________________________________________

Father’s Name________________________________________________

Mother’s Name_______________________________________________

Homecoming Escort’s Name________________________________ Relationship__________________

Achievements and Awards ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________

Organizations you belong to



Other ________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________