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Activities/ Opportunities

About This Section

This module will house information about activities in which the club will participate and opportunities to gain your required points for the year.  Remember, this year is an establishing year, so many of our opportunities will be based around fundraising and establishing the chapter, so we can charge into the 2021-2022 school year with a well-established club.

Available activities will appear  here, but you are not required to participate in the event. You will recieve points for participate, and these will go toward your club points, which is ultimately how we will determine your membership status.  

Not participating in an event will not count against you.  In other words, you will not receive a "zero" for not coming.  This is just a way for me to keep track of who is participating and who is not.

  • Wingard House
    • In March of 2021, the Magnolia Chapter of the National English Honor society will participate in the collection of necessities for homeless individuals and families for the Wingard House.  As a society, we will collect
      • Notebooks and pencils
      • Books (new and gently used)
      • Socks
      • Pillows
  • Ranger Tutoring
    • For the last nine weeks, the National English Honor Society will work with Mu Alpha Theta to offer tutoring for English and math.  We are proud to have an opportunity to boost student confidence and achievement.  It is our hope that students excel in their state tested subjects.