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Captain: C/1LT Janeice Henderson

Captain: C/ LTC Amber Cook

Co-Captain: C/SSG Destiny Lesh


Captain: C/1LT Graham Hulsey

Co-Captain: C/SFC Gabe Thornton

Captain: C/1LT Janeice Henderson

Captain: C/SSG Destiny Lesh

Captain: C/ 1LT Austin Williams

Co-Captain: C/ Sgt. Katelyn Johnston

Captain: C/ CPT Zackary Jackson

Co-Captain: C/ 1LT. Amelia Negrete

Captain: C/CPT Zackary Jackson

Co-Captain: C/1LT. Austin Williams

If you would like to become a member of any of these teams, or you are seeking more information, please contact one of the Captains or Co-Captains.