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Picture of DECA logo

DECA is a competitive business organization that will benefit all high school students. There are  over 55 areas of business and entrepreneurship to choose from for competition, and students can compete individually or in teams. In DECA students will develop interview skills and learn to project themselves in a professional manner. There are many opportunities to earn scholarships through multiple venues, including competition. District Competition is at Hinds Clyde Muse Center in January, State Competition is at Marriott Downtown in February, and International Competition is in April. This year International Competition will be held in Nashville, Tennessee.

CHOOSING A CATEGORY: The competition categories are listed in the next section. Choosing an area can be a daunting task. Genesis McGriggs, Vice President of Competitive Events, will be happy to help students choose their perfect competition category

CRITERIA TO COMPETE: Joining is a great decision and DECA looks great on your resume'. However, there are some basic requirements to be eligible for competition.

  • At least a 3.0 GPA the end of first semester with no failing grades
  • Required number of points as outlined below
  • Two or less absences per semester unless extenuating circumstances
  • Two or less tardies per nine weeks
  • Passing scores on all SATP tests that have been taken
  • One or less in-school-suspension
  • No out-of-school suspensions

DUES: DECA dues are $35. Students will receive a RHS DECA shirt if dues are paid by the deadline of September 30th.

POINT SYSTEM: We use a point system to ensure everyone is prepared for competition. Sarah Peavy, Vice President Membership will allot points in accordance with the chart below. Point totals start over each year. Officers establish the points that will be awarded or deducted for each activity, as well as the number required to be eligible to participate in DECA events. To attend Fall Leadership, students must have 50 points. To compete at District, students must have 100 points, and to compete at State students must have 150 points. The points are accumulated as follows:

          RHS DECA Point System

Meeting attendance 5

Complete 50 questions of a practice test


Complete a practice role play


Other studying activity (Quizlet, etc.)


Participate in a RHS DECA event       (Hwy. 49 Fest, fundraisers, etc.)


Report monthly progress on written event


After school detention


In-school suspension


Other write-ups



FUNDRAISERS: There are several fundraisers held throughout the school year to offset costs of DECA events. An individual account is kept for every DECA member and all money raised will be credited to that account. Only students who participate in fundraisers receive the benefit of the money raised. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: You can pick up an application to join DECA from Mrs. Craft in the academy building. 

Your reward for working hard, coming to school, keeping your grades up, and staying out of trouble could be a trip to Nashville. It will all be worth it!

"The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Work is the key to success, and work can help you accomplish anything." –  Vince Lombardi

pic of DECA members